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What is the great love of your life? 

What is that thing that is most important to you? 

A woman? Your family? Your career? A particular aspiration? The welfare of other people? 

Men have many different loves, things that capture their hearts, things they can’t live without. But ultimately, there is only one that will satisfy and sustain us. 

We were created to love God with all our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind. But we don’t. 

We all love other things more than God and it ruins us. It pulls us in different directions and we feel the pain. It breaks us down. We lose our integrity. The pursuit of other loves produces an internal competition, which creates friction, frustration, fighting, turmoil, contradictions, cover- ups, hiding, deceit and emptiness. When God brings this to our attention and it really begins to bother us, then there is hope for the future. God is knocking at the door. He is calling us back to himself. 

Souls of Men is a free ministry that helps men learn to cultivate a heart for God. 

All you need to qualify for the benefits of this ministry is the humble admission that you love other things more than God and you want that to change. Men who have been helped come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some have never been to church. Others have served in the church for years. Pastors who are weary of their incongruent thoughts and emotions, who see the contradictions in their own hearts. Business men who have felt the sting of failure and the emptiness of success. 

This is not a place where men come to boast in their accomplishments, but rather to admit their need and to encourage each other, as we ask God to create new hearts within us.

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