About Us

Bob Bruhn delights in helping struggling men learn how to put God first in their lives. 

Bob has been helping men with this most important issue for many years: 20 years as a pastor and 15 years as a life coach and spiritual guide. His own personal struggles have made his heart tender towards other men as he recognizes that this is a difficult issue. No one is naturally inclined to put God first. In fact, God must initiate this desire and strengthen men to move in this direction. 

Bob helps men recognize the stumbling blocks and cultivate new desires. As men move away from self-reliance and learn to depend upon God, he helps them develop new habits of thought and speech and behavior that increase men’s ability to trust and enjoy God. This typically leads to more peace and joy but also energizes men to connect with other people in humility and sincerity. In turn, this often propels men outward, to care for others in their struggles. When men become properly oriented towards God, they find themselves growing in compassion and courage to do difficult things that benefit others.

How Does Souls of Men work? 

As the director of Souls of Men, Bob Bruhn likes to meet with men for coffee or lunch to get acquainted. He believes it is very important for him to understand each man’s background and desires. This time together also gives him the opportunity to share his own history and allow men to ask whatever questions may be on their minds. 

If men are working through things that are highly confidential, he is usually available for one-on- one meetings. More typically, he leads men in small groups to explore various aspects of cultivating a heart for God. Often, these men will read portions of the Bible or make their way through other books as they seek to encourage each other in this endeavor. He does expect men to prepare for these group meetings, often assigning readings and times for reflection and prayer that requires work outside the meeting. God promises to reward those who earnestly seek Him. 

These groups meet for four to six weeks at a time and then men discuss ways they can continue their pursuit of God together or individually.